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Becoming a Financial Advisor is not an easy path. But your earning potential is unlimited, and the true measure of your success are the families whose financial futures you have helped.

As with building any new business, most of the heavy lifting is up front. VETSTEPS gives you the training, the tools and the time to help you reach your critical speed.

What You'll Learn

You will learn the building blocks of becoming a Financial Professional -- from the basics of developing relationships and discovering your natural market to the intricacies of developing multi-layered plans that protect and build  wealth and financial freedom for your clients. 


MODULE 1 - Setting Goals

It all starts with a meaningful "why". In this module you'll learn how to set real goals; both personal and business, and associate them with revenue-producing activities that deliver results.

MODULE 2 - Developing & Approaching Your Natural Market

As a financial professional, your relationships determine your results. In this module you'll how to develop your natural market and turn personal relationships into professional conversations.

MODULE 3 - Name Flow & Activity Management

There's no guess in success! In this module you'll learn the importance of consistent name flow, how to track that name flow, and complete essential activities around name flow that lead to success.

MODULE 4 - Get Started with The Living Balance Sheet®

The Living Balance Sheet® is not just powerful planning software, it is how you demonstrate your philosophy to clients. Knowing how the basics of this operating system is essential to a fast start.

MODULE 5 - A Successful Open Meeting

Your initial meeting with a prospect is said to be the most important. Learn how to have compelling conversations that build trust and turn prospects into clients using Living Balance Sheet® Story and field-tested best practices.

MODULE 6 - Financial Professional Reluctance

Financial Professionals have an innate capacity for reluctance. For most of us there is psychological barrier between what we're worth and what we actually earn. This module brings reluctance to the surface so we can cope with the mental roadblocks that get in the way.

MODULE 7 - The Protection                Meeting

Establishing best practices, narratives, and Living Balance Sheet® tools for an optimal Protection Meeting experience.

MODULE 8 - Life Insurance Basics

It is said that life insurance is at the foundation of all good financial planning. In this module you'll learn about the different types of life insurance, the history and evolution of product types, and the importance of an insurance company's financial strength and corporate structure.

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