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Physicians: understand your unique disability insurance needs

May 31, 2021

If you are a physician, it is important to have disability coverage that caters to your unique income protection needs. After all, you’ve worked so hard and your biggest asset is your ability to practice medicine. If you were unable to continue caring for your patients, your future finances could be in jeopardy. Protecting your earning power by finding a “specialty specific” coverage that is tailored to your unique needs could help to eliminate that risk.

That is where a policy with enhanced true own-occupation protection comes in. Enhanced true own-occupation protection allows you to receive your disability benefits should you become disabled, even if you are gainfully employed in another occupation or capacity. By owning this type of protection, you can safeguard your hard work and help to ensure that if disability strikes, you’re still able to earn a portion of the income you have worked so hard for. At Opes One, we can help you understand your unique disability coverage needs as a physician and assist you in making sure you are adequately protected.

Watch this video for a real-life story about how individual disability insurance works for physicians.