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Help protect your most valuable asset

May 03, 2021

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month or “DIAM”, a time to recognize that disabilities can happen to anyone and preparing for those “what if” moments is key. To start a conversation and bring awareness to disability insurance, we have created a series of articles that we hope will educate and inform you about the importance of DI. We will share some key facts and statistics to help you understand why disability income protection is an essential part of your financial strategy.

Protecting the assets you own such as your home, your vehicle, and your personal property is a no-brainer. But what about the asset that provides you with the means to afford those items? Your income is your most valuable asset because it’s what allows you to live the life you choose. That is why protecting your income from an unexpected event like a disability is important. In fact, just 1 in 4 working professionals will experience a disability during their career, almost 90% of which are caused by illness rather than an accident.1,2 Having disability insurance can help, knowing that if disability were to strike, you could continue your life without the financial burden of losing your paycheck. Owning disability insurance is an important piece in helping to ensure a financially confident future for you and your family. At Opes One, our goal is to help you establish that sense of confidence for your future.

Check out this helpful video that shows why income is your most valuable asset and why disability income insurance should be part of your overall financial strategy.  

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